The Bad News . . . And the Good!

Medallion Press unfortunately went bankrupt, late in 2018. This means that Summer of Fire, Rain of Fire, and Lake of Fire are out of print and no longer for sale at bookstores, Amazon, etc. This also affects Children of Dynasty and The Senator’s Daughter, that I wrote as Christine Carroll.

But … the good news is that this will be remedied later in 2019, when Goodreads Press republishes them as e-books and Print on Demand on Amazon.

Stay tuned for more updates – and new covers!

Note that Jackson Hole Journey and the audiobook editions of all books are not affected and are still available and for sale.

Book One
Summer of Fire

ISBN: 978-194254615-3

Yellowstone Aflame,
Fires of 1988.

Book Two
Rain of Fire

ISBN: 978-194254616-0

Supervolcano Awakens.

Book Three
Lake of Fire

ISBN: 978-194254617-7

Old West Adventure in


Book Four
Jackson Hole Journey
ISBN: 978-1-60381-910-7
Camel Press

Dude Ranching in the Roaring Twenties.