The Lake Hotel so fascinated me from my first visit, that I felt compelled to create a fictional cast of characters to take you there in the year 1900.

To the late Professor Venkatesh Srinivas Kulkarni of Rice University, winner of the 1984 American Book Award, consummate teacher, and citizen of the world.
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ISBN: 978-63292-118-5
December 2019



2008 Finalist, Spur Awards – Best Original Mass Market Paperback category, Western Writer's of America

2007 WILLA Literary Award

Finalist, Original Softcover Fiction

First Place, 2008 New Mexico Press Women Communication Contest, Fiction - novel

Third Place, National Federation of Press Women, 2008 Communication Contest

Finalist – Historical Category – Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence

Southern Magic Chapter of Romance Writers of America 2008 Author Award, Thomas Branigan Memorial Library, Las Cruces, NM

Finalist in the Historical Fiction Category of the Foreword Magazine Indiefab Book Awards, 2016

One summer, I visited the Yellowstone Lake Hotel and picked up a copy of the book Plain to Fancy, the Story of the Lake Hotel, by Barbara Dittl and Joanne Mallmann. The rest is history -- I was so fascinated by the place and its story that I felt compelled to create a fictional cast of characters to come for a visit in the year 1900 - a fabulous place to while away the time.

The Story

One-quarter Nez Perce, Cord Sutton attempts to hide his Indian blood by adopting the life of a gentleman. As part of the ruse, he intends to gain respect by buying the Lake Hotel, an island in the Yellowstone wilderness that offers elegant accommodations to travelers on the Northern Pacific Railroad.

When Chicago heiress Laura Fielding is rescued from a stagecoach robbery in Jackson Hole by a rugged looking mountain man in rough clothing, she hides the fact she is wealthy. She does not know the man traveling to the park with her is, in fact, Cord Sutton.

Nonetheless, during a three-day wilderness journey their alliance is sealed. Upon arriving at the Lake Hotel, Cord and Laura learn each other's true identities. . .and the fact Laura's father is backing a rival to purchase the hotel.

On opposite sides, Cord and Laura find bigotry, arson, and the desire for revenge threatens their growing love, and their lives. If they survive, Cord must learn to embrace his heritage and Laura must turn her back on her father's luxurious world. . .IF they survive. . .

The Lake of Fire.